About Our Three Options

We offer wedding invitations and other stationery in three convenient options to help meet your budget.

Our 'Do-It-Yourself' Option

The most economical option for those on a strict budget. Just remember though, while you will save on money, it can be stressful if you have never done this before. If you are considering this option then please read our list of handy D-I-Y tips.

What do we for you in this option…
We help you choose the invitation style and materials you'd like. We then encourage you to purchase sample pieces of your materials to try out. First you need to test that your printer works with your chosen paper. If it does, you make a rough sample of the invitation. Then bring or post the invitation sample back to us, along with the quantity you want. We then calculate the quantities of materials that you need, and pull your order from the shelf, ordering in any additional materials required. Once everything has arrived and is packed, we phone or email to let you know.

What you do in this option…
You take the sample pieces of your materials home and test that the card and paper selected works with your printer. Because if they won't work with your printer, that's a big problem. If they do work – that's great! Make a rough sample of your invitation, bring or post the sample back to us, along with the quantity you want. Once we have rung you to say all the materials have arrived, you come and pick it up. You then set up the rest of the artwork on your computer and print, cut and assemble your invites, completely… doing-it-yourself!

Our 'Wedding-in-a-Bag' Option

This is our most popular option at Paper & Stuff,
as we do the things people hate – artwork, printing and cutting.
And once we have taught you, you handle the assembly.

Here's how the Wedding-in-a-Bag option works…
We help you with invitation selection and also talk about any other items of stationery you may require for your big day.

When you are happy with your chosen design, we quote it for you.

If you decide to book us, we ask you to pay a deposit, once you have paid the deposit, we collect all the invite materials required.

You email us the wording you'd like to use for your invitation. Or if you get stuck at this stage, we can help you with wording to get started. We then create an artwork proof to email back to you for checking.

After any corrections that you require are done and artwork is approved, you email us the list of guest names for each invitation and personalised artwork is set-up, printed, cut and any other production work done.

Everything is then packed and double-checked ready for pickup. We then email you to say it is ready, and we make an pickup appointment.

When you pick it up, we teach you how to assemble the first invitation, provide all our helpful tips and tricks, and then you do the rest and save on the assembly fee.

You can tell your friends you made them, and we won’t tell!

Our 'Custom-Made' Option

With this option we do everything for you.
When we have helped you through the design and selection,
we take care of the rest.
Your stationery will be completed ready for pick-up
and you don't have to lift a finger.

This is the easiest option for you,
however it is the more costly of the three options.