Cards to go with Invitations

Many couples decide to purchase these cards to go with their invitations. They can be made into whatever size you would prefer. We are happy to help out.

RSVP Cards
You may choose to include a RSVP card to make it easy for guests to let you know if they are able to make it to your big day.

If you are needing to know additional information, like special dietary requirements, or what song gets them up on the dance floor, or if they want to catch the complimentary bus, then you will need to include this card.

One of the ways that we offer the rsvp is as a double sided postcard, so all they do is fill it in, add a stamp and post it.

Gift Suggestion Cards

Many couples choose to include a gift suggestion card with their invitation stationery.

Gift suggestions come in many forms now, from the wishing well, birdcage, honeymoon travel, gift cards from department stores of your choice, bridal registry, home deposit, or simply asking your guests to pay for their own meal at the reception.

It is really up to you to decide what you'd like to do.

Look under wording suggestions for possible wordings, if you like you can combine a few, or write your own.

Accommodation Cards
With many weddings being away-from-home,
 guests are often unfamiliar with the wedding location and facilities. It is a nice touch to do a bit of the leg work for your guests and supply them with accommodation information.

Many accommodation venues will offer discounts for weddings.

One of our recent accommodation cards offered four alternate venues, catering to all different budgets. The couple also suggested sight-seeing options whilst in the area.