For the Reception

Wedding receptions today are held in all sorts of settings – formal restaurants, art galleries, clubs, pubs, cafés, community halls and even the old barn in Pop's yard. Every venue has different stationery needs. Every style of reception has different stationery needs too. For instance a cocktail reception or buffet smorgasbord does not require menus, whereas a formal seated reception in a vineyard where matching wines accompanying the food would benefit from a menu.

Place cards
Place cards add a personal touch for any seated reception. They can be as simple as a folded piece of card with the guest name on one side, layered with embellishments, or a combined name card, thank you and menu that sits on a guests plate. Many choose to just have first names on their place cards.


For seated receptions a table menu can be a good idea, especially if you are holding your reception at a winery and you are a bit of a foodie. You can choose to do one menu per guest, or one or two menus per table, or even just include the menu printed onto the seating chart at the front door of the reception. If you are doing table menus and the tables are long or round it can be good to do two menus per table, so that everyone can see one. A menu could also be combined with the place card and thank you as one per guest.


Table Numbers
Table numbers come in all forms and styles. A table number can be a larger version of a place card, or a single card that is clipped into a photo frame or holder, or it can be added into the tables floral arrangement. Table numbers styles vary widely from just a number, to numbers with a picture of the couple at each age… 'See here we both are when we were One', 'Two', etc


Bonbonnierre Boxes
Bonbonniere gifts are a small token gift given as a gesture, to thank guests who may have travelled a long way to attend the wedding. One old favourite for a wedding bonbonniere was five sugar coated almonds which were traditionally given to represent health, wealth, long life, fertility and happiness. We have many styles of boxes available to hold your bonbonnierre gift to your guest. Today, we have seen many different types of wedding favour from boiled sweets to succulents.


Thank You Tags
If you are making your own wedding favours or need a tag to hang off a small jar of local honey, chutney or jam, a bottle opener or stubby cooler, or whatever you are making… we can make tags for you in any style and colour you'd like.


Personalised Wine or Beer Labels
If you are wanting to give half bottles of wine or bottles of kraft beer as your thank you, remember to first check with the reception venue to see if this is allowed. If it is, then we can design and print personalised wine or beer labels for you. One of our couples went one step further and sent out a bottle of wine in a wooden crate to their invitees with their wedding invitation printed on a label on the bottle back, and their photo, names and date printed on a label on the bottle front. The delivery was the tricky thing, as they were all hand delivered!

Thank You Stickers
If you are making your own wedding favours and need a sticker for a jar lid or front… we can make them for you, just phone or email to chat about it.

Fingerprint Signing Board
A fingerprint signing tree is a nice way to preserve a memory of your wedding day. Each leaf is an inked fingerprint of the people who have attended your day. If you are interested in getting one, please just phone or email us.

We can make any signage that you would like for your reception. From a large seating chart that says "Welcome to the Reception of…" and lists the tables with the guest on each table, to a small sign that says "Dancing Shoes". Whatever you like. Email us your signage idea. Or simply purchase the frames. Email us through frame inside measurements, frame colour, and what wording you'd like, and we can quote it for you.

All reception artwork and printing will be created using fonts and styling consistent with your wedding invitations and ceremony stationery. Again matching the 'look' of your wedding day.


Other ceremony items we can help with
• Wedding Chocolates
• Drink Coasters
• Personalised Guest Signing Books