When to Post

This is a suggestion of timing in an ‘ideal world’, we understand though that life does not always comply. Our timing example works backward from your wedding day, so here we go…

Wedding Day

Either four or six weeks before your wedding day. Ask your reception venue or caterer when they require the final numbers (it is usually two or four weeks before your wedding) and then make the RSVP date either two or four weeks before their final numbers date. This way you have time to make any reception stationery if you are making it all yourself. It is also good to allow extra time to chase guests who may have overlooked returning their RSVP.

There are a couple of Hunter Valley venues who ask for final numbers at the eight week mark, so if you are having your wedding at either of these venues your RSVP date will need to be either ten or twelve weeks.

When to Post
Within Australia – Post eight weeks before RSVP date.
Overseas – Post a minimum of twelve weeks before RSVP date.
Don't be tempted to post less than eight weeks for within Australia. We had a bride last year whose invites took two weeks to get from Newcastle to Dubbo. So to reduce your stress, allow eight weeks.  

Stationery Pick-Up Dates from Paper & Stuff
Do-It-Yourself Invitations – as early as possible before your posting date. Give yourself plenty of time and avoid extra stress.
Wedding-In-A-Bag Invitations – four or six weeks before your posting date. This gives you the time you need to assemble. Assembly is not hard to do, but it is nice to have time up your sleeve when doing it. It avoids stress. It also means there is time to solve any issues you may find, like… opps I forgot to invite the cousins!
Custom-Made Invitation – one or two weeks before your posting date. This way you are ahead of schedule, and can breathe easy.

Start planning your wedding invitations around six months before your wedding.

If you are planning a destination wedding then you will need to get the invitations out earlier so your guests have ample time to plan. For help with timing for this type of wedding just ask when you come in for your appointment.

If however you have less than six months before the wedding… don’t panic, ring for an appointment and we will see what we can do.

For ceremony and reception timings, visit their sections...